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Message of Yom Kippur

It is now three days to Yom Kippur.  For Jews who fear God, this is the time for Teshuvah, the time to show good deeds and repair harm done.  For me the sadness is that my brother and sister seem determined to destroy my father’s heritage.  This weekend would be a good time to think [&helli[...]

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Man vandalizes own truck, blames Black Lives Matters

Police arrested a Texas man who allegedly vandalized his own truck to collect insurance money. Police say Scott Lattin spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” on the fenders and slashed interior upholstery himself. Lattin, who claimed the vandalism was retaliation against his family for suppo[...]

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Proof that (some) Republicans are racists

This “joke” was posted by the chairwoman of Montana’s Yellowstone County GOP organization.[...]

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In case you haven’t seen this yet … here it is.


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Trump reacts to criticism of his reaction to ‘Obama is a Muslim’

Donald Trump responded today to criticisms of his failure to correct a townhall participant who used a Q&A session to call President Obama “a Muslim” by saying he’s not “morally obligated” to defend the president against falsehoods. Maybe not, but it’s what a person of character woul[...]

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A Path to Peace in Palestine? Ramallah’s young tech scene takes flight

CNET Road Reports on a Trip to a Hot Bed of Tech in Palestine A tech sector largely fueled by low-level outsourcing work is starting to see its own startups thrive. .[...]

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The Ave Challenge: What is this?

                        A. Seattle’s tunnel machine B. Scene from “The Building of The Enterprise” C. Machine being used to tunnel water to Israel D. Topping out of Dubai Tower E. Assembly of rocket motor for Soyuz  [...]

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Megyn Kelly: “Rumor That I Am Transgender is Absurd!”


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Breaking News: Jeb! admits he’s a Bush

“Yes, I am a Bush,” the GOP presidential hopeful told a meeting of the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan. Marketing experts immediately questioned whether this is a wise political move, noting Jeb! is already struggling in the polls. “If you’re the maker [...]

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Brave New World Coming to TV!

The Hollywood Reporter says  Steven Spielberg  is adapting Aldous Huxley‘s novel Brave New World as a scripted series for the NBC. What will Spielberg have wrought?   Brave New World was published in 1932, as Stalin’s Russia and Mussolini’s Italy were rivals for a the newest an[...]