The truth about Carly Fiorina’s “humble” beginnings

zumaamericaseleven312083-1260x650Fiorina is peddling herself as a secretary who rose to CEO of a major corporation (and trying to paper over the fact she botched the job and was fired by her board). Here’s the reality:

Fiorina is the daughter of a prominent law professor, deputy U.S. attorney general, and federal appeals judge (who helped appoint Kenneth Starr as special prosecutor to investigate President Bill Clinton) whose path through life was greased for her. She attended a private school in London, then Stanford University, UCLA Law School, and the business schools of University of Maryland and MIT.

Fiorina’s only work experiences as a “secretary” were in a summer job while in college, and for a few months at a real estate office after dropping out of law school, before starting business school. She entered the workforce with an MBA and began her employment career as a fast-tracked management trainee.

Don’t believe Fiorina’s “humble origins” shtick. She’s a Silver Spooner who, all her life, has had opportunities handed to her that ordinary people can’t even dream of.

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