New Poll Shows Why Palestinians Have No Interest in Peace

Bibe Netanyahu IsraelAn overwhelming majority of Palestinians think they’re on track to achieve their goal of eradicating Israel within a few decades. 

Commentary reports that a new poll of Paestinians showed little interest in peace   The Fikra poll found that 81 percent of West Bankers and 88 percent of Gazans asserted that all the territory between the Jordan and the Mediterranean “is Palestinian land and Jews have no rights to the land.”

Expectations for the the next five years:

a plurality chose “reclaiming all of historic Palestine from the river to the sea” as the “main Palestinian national goal”

two-state solution placed second

one-state solution third.

Expectations for the the next four decades:

only a quarter of respondents expect Israel to “continue to exist as a Jewish state,”

Expectations for the the next century:

only 12 percent of West Bankers and 15 percent of Gazans believe the Jewish state will still exist.

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