Teachers are trippin(g), but pay Kam right? Smh

kamKam Chancellor signed a four year deal worth $28 million dollars.  Chancellor was given a $5 million dollar signing bonus, and he is guaranteed to receive nearly $8 million dollars of his deal.  In 2015, Chancellor will earn $4.5 million dollars, and his $100 thousand incentive check is nearly $20 thousand more than “a seasoned teacher, with a masters degree,” will make in 2015.

A starting teacher’s base salary in Seattle was over $44,000 last year, while a seasoned teacher with a master’s degree could be earning nearly $80,000.

Seattle teachers

Seattle teachers

Both Kam Chancellor and Seattle teachers are unhappy with the pay they receive.  Chancellor who plays a sport makes more than 99% of the population, while most educators teaching our children make less than the nations median household income.

Why are some people supporting Kam Chancellor and not supporting Seattle teachers?   How backwards is that?


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