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Wishing on the Moon by Mirel


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Walker calls collective bargaining “an expensive entitlement”

“Walker told reporters that collective bargaining is ‘not a right, but is an expensive entitlement’ and … added that, ‘this is an issue where the president is just wrong.'” I guess that means he thinks we can’t afford a middle class, either, because union wa[...]

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Bolf Racki :  European Traditionalism‘s photo. European Traditionalism The truth shall be revealed, we will expose those who seek to corrupt and destroy us.[...]

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Can Someone Turn This Plane Rightside Up

“A Just as the  F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is set to make its debut, and one of the nation’s top Marines says if recent tests are any indication, things won’t go well for the “bad guys.”  Another test pilot, however,  has some very, very bad news about the F-35 Joint Str[...]

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The biggest threat to cops is …

… self-inflicted gunshot wounds. “In 2013, the last year on public record, 126 police officers committed suicide. … Compare that to 47 police officers who were shot and killed in 2014 … and it’s increasingly clear that people who love police officers … should s[...]

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How ‘West Wing’ would respond to Kim Davis (video clip)