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Gerrymandering scheme backfires

Doesn’t sound like much has changed in Columbia, Missouri, since I lived there in the 1960s. Columbia, a city of about 117,000 people, is home to the University of Missouri and two other colleges; and many local business owners have prospered by exploiting the tens of thousands of students com[...]

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Wildfire victim’s “Medicare moment”

Remember the guy with the sign, “Keep government’s hands off my Medicare!”? Well, this guy wearing a t-shirt that says “Lower Taxes + Less Government = More Freedom” is thanking, you guessed it, taxpayer-supported firefighters for saving his home from wildfires near Oma[...]

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Should fast food workers live on wages or welfare?

Over half of U.S. fast-food workers receive public assistance because they can’t subsist on their wages, according to the University of California-Berkeley Labor Center. (Read story here.) Would you prefer they earn enough to support themselves, or keep paying taxes for their welfare benefits [...]

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Hitler is free! What next?

Hitler Dec 21 1924[...]

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The AVE Challenge: What is Wrong About This Ad?