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Can Google Avoid Killing Cats?

How clever is Google’s self driving car? Ask the kitty!      [...]

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Bad Taste in Magazine Covers

Marathon bombing suspect on Rolling Stone cover   Our Eastern Washington Newspaper has nothing good to say about this cover at the Rolling Stone.  What next … Sadma Hussein in an Angel Suit or Vlad Putin in a thong? “The cover of the magazine’s Aug. 1 , 2013 edition is a photo i[...]

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Fashion From The Arab World .. Kaftans!

  What led Sara Al-Ateeqi to the world of fashion has blown into one of the hottest trends of the season When the founder of QUMAR14 was unable to find a stylish and well cut kaftan, devoid of the customary embellishment, she began making them herself. And she quickly found out that others like[...]

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The stock market correction explained

Stocks had become overvalued due to (a) Federal Reserve policies, and (b) lack of returns from other types of investments. The U.S. stock market was overdue for correction. A 10% correction is usually an annual event, but U.S. stocks haven’t had such a correction since 2011. U.S. economic grow[...]

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Core Curricuum: Scrapping History??

Curriculum focus on core skills NATASHA BITA History and geography will be scrapped as separate subjects in the new national primary curriculum.[...]

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A Wish


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