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Why aren’t the bankers in jail?

The U.S. Department of Justice is prosecuting soccer officials based in Switzerland for corruption and fraud. But even though banks have paid $190 billion in fines* for criminal misdeeds that crashed the U.S. economy and brought suffering to hundreds of millions of people, only 1 banker** has been j[...]

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Rand Paul is toast

The Paul family is caught up in a widening corruption scandal. They tried to buy a key endorsement in 2012 by threatening to smear an Iowa politician if he didn’t take a bribe. Three top Paul aides got caught and have been indicted by a grand jury. Someone will go to jail. Ron and Rand [&helli[...]

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Blame sugar? We’ve been doing that for over 100 years

Alan Levinovitz, James Madison University After a successful soda tax was passed last year in Berkeley, California, copycat laws are being proposed across the US, often with the support of nutritionists, medical professionals and a majority of the voting public. On May 28, the Illinois chapter of th[...]

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Russia, North Korea and China Plan The GottaGO Resort

China plans international tourism zone with North Korea, Russia Kim Jung Un’s  latest push for new investment has brought ,  Russia,.China  and North Korea together planning for an  international tourism destination, China is enthusiastically supporting the effort.  Jiang Chaoliang, gov[...]

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Apple Joins North Korea to Reactivate The “Think Different” Campaign”

This week, after decades refining their unique accounts of history, North Korea and Apple will next week take their growing relationship one step further by carving out their own timezone. The change — timed to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese rule — will rever[...]

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THE Ave Challenge What is it?


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AND .. Subway Bread Contains GMO!


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Ghost Town Near LA