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How to answer religious hypocrites


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This woman is breaking the law. Why isn’t she in jail?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. Kentucky governor Steve Beshear ordered the state’s 120 county court clerks to comply with the ruling and issue same-sex marriage licenses. A federal judge has ordered Rowan County court clerk Kim Davis to do so. Sh[...]

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White privilege

Joseph Parker, 34, of Revere, Massachusetts, was pulled over in a traffic stop. After threatening to kill police, he sucker-punched a 57-year-old police lieutenant, knocking him out. He kicked at the glass in a police cruiser, smashed a metal detector, and fought with the jail guards. He hurt 7 law [...]

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New, Improved, GMO free, Eco Friendly …. CO2!!!

Who is the creative marketing genius who decided that charcoal (carbon) is somehow more eco friendly when it is made from coconuts and adds no wood taste to your food?? Gosh, and it is petroleum free too!  and only 2 1/2 times as expensive as good old charcoal made from oak, Of course most folks [&[...]

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What NOT to do in August!

Watch this at Huff Post Wa[...]

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Our Dog Is Too Smart!


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An Elephant Selfie[...]

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Grave Theft

More than 150 headstones for US veterans’ graves stolen to build the floor of a carport[...]

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Stupid cops push back against protests over police killings

Nobody disputes the legitimate use of force, or cops defending themselves against violent criminals. The public uproar is over police shootings of unarmed citizens who pose no threat by trigger-happy cops. A child with a toy gun, an elderly man with a cane, an unarmed black man merely trying to run [...]