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August Sun


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What a fictional Republican Party drawn by an artist might look like

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When you take out more water than nature puts in this is what you get

This used to be a river. Click here for story.[...]

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America’s toxic mining legacy

The Animus River spill — an accidental release of polluted mining site wastewater into a tributary of the Colorado River, has focused renewed attention on America’s toxic mining legacy. Under the 1872 Mining Act, anyone can stake a claim on federal land and mine the minerals there by pay[...]

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Martians Object to American Presence


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Most expensive housing markets

Median home prices in priciest U.S. markets: San Jose, Calif.: $980,000 San Francisco: $841,600 Anaheim-Santa Ana, Calif.: $685,700 Honolulu: $698,600 San Diego: $547,800 Click here for story.[...]

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Trophy hunter quotes Bible to justify killing rare animals

Unlike the apologetic dentist who shot Cecil the Lion, trophy hunter Sabrina Corgatelli is defiant and gets in the faces of her critics. She posted photos of her kills on her Facebook page and remarks like “I couldn’t be any happier!” and “Stay tuned, you’re gonna have [...]

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Soccer and Africa

FIFA, Blatter and Africa: a special relationship Answers to the challenging question of why Africans unanimously supported Sepp Blatter for a 5th term – and what they portend for the future.[...]

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Heartless Michigan prison officials believe hugging is “trivial”

A jury disagreed and awarded an inmate $1 compensatory damages and $1,250 punitive damages after a prison guard refused to let the inmate hug his wife during a prison visit in retaliation for his previous complaints against the guard. CBS News reported, “In court filings, the Corrections Depar[...]