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J2b and Carly Share a Plane Ride Home from Ohio

What did they talk about?[...]

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GOP Debate … Trump Wins, Bush Droops … watch out for Kasich!

The Drudge Poll seems to be terrible news not just for Bush but for Fox. The Fox reality machine seemed poised to puncture the Trump balloon.  The piercing began with an opening effort to get Trump to take an oath of loyalty to the GOP.  He refused. Then after the show (aka debate) Luntz did one [...]

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South Carolina cops strive for racial equality in their policing practices

This time, the unarmed teen guilty of nothing more than a minor drug infraction shot dead by the police was a white kid. Read story here.  [...]

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California cop suspended after pulling his gun on homeowner standing in his driveway

A Rohnert Park, California, cop is on on paid administrative leave after a video of his encounter with a local resident was posted on YouTube and went viral. The video shows a police car entering the cul-de-sac where resident Don McComas was standing in his driveway, slowly circling, stopping, and t[...]

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ROGER RABBIT: Seattle’s city council election, Sawant, and housing.

Taking into account that the November electorate differs somewhat from primary voters, I’ll predict that both Sawant and Burgess will be reelected. Godden, 83, isn’t the dynamic force on the council (was she ever?) voters are looking for to deal with our rapidly evolving city, and whether or not[...]

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A Poltical Summer


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Swedish man’s thong use prompts police probe

  Published: 22 Jul 11   The Local On Thursday visitors to a beach on lake Falkträsket, in northern Sweden, witnessed uniformed police turn up and make their way through the sea of towels to question a man in his thirties about his choice of swimwear.The man, who was practising yoga in the s[...]

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How CNBC scored the debate

Winners:  Kasich, Rubio Losers: Bush, Carson Trump: Does he matter? He’s from a parallel universe. My comment:  CNBC seems to prefer policy wonks. What do you expect from a news organization that normally writes stories about stocks and bonds?[...]

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David Preston: The Great Loss ..Bigotry

David  Preston: The Imitation Game: A Goodish Effort (Movie Review) . Alan Turing was a better man than his country deserved. One of Britain’s all-time greatest patriots, he was a winner of wars, a saver of lives, a discoverer of realms . . . It doesn’t get more glorious than that, and[...]