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Ted Cruz’s “Machine Gun Bacon”

You gotta watch this ad … … but don’t try it at home.[...]

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Someone Needs A Lawyer

Despite multiple requests to desist and explanation that any emails from them can and will be published at my will,  my sibs and  spouses thereof keep sending me emails with various forms of text they claim limits my use of their messages. The latest is from my sister, Stephanie: “I am also[...]

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Kshama Sawant: Rent Control Is Like a Minimum Wage for Tenants

Which Way for Affordable Housing in Seattle? Seattle is booming with job growth and a major influx of working people. Yes, we need increased housing supply. Yes, we need zoning changes to build more housing, and to enable a denser and more walkable and accessible city. But why is there such a severe[...]

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Bolivar Poofs

Venezuelan currency enters free fall mode 1 hr ago – Venezuela’s currency is entering free fall mode. Having tumbled beyond the 500 per dollar mark in the black market at the start of the month, and then the 600 mark just eight days later, the bolivar is now within sight of crashing thro[...]

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Slur of the Day: What Hawaians call their Honkeys

Haole (US, Hawaiian) A non-native, used by Hawaiians mainly to refer to whites (less commonly to refer to non-Hawaiians). Can be used neutrally, dependent on context.[96][...]

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Was Disney an Antisemite?

Vos iz Neias Was Walt Disney a  rabid anti-Semite?   Richard Sherman (Disney’s “Mary Poppins,” ‘‘The Jungle Book”) dismissed such lingering criticism outright. It’s “absolutely preposterous to call him anti-Semitic,” said Sherman, the son of Jewish immigrants.. Historian and soci[...]

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Slur of the Day: What Aussies call their Honkeys

Gub, Gubba (AUS) Aboriginal pejorative term for white people[87][...]

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REPUGNANTS: Is Scott Walker a “Christian?”

Even after the president’s eulogy following a racially motivated shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, where one attendee called him “minister-in-chief,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) still isn’t sure if Barack Obama is Christian. “I don’t know. I presume[...]