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Weight Loss in the Schwartz family

My brother Hugh has lost 120 pounds!  Amazing.  He hassles me abut my weight and he is right.  I have been trying and have now lost 40! It is hard t do this.  At my age I am not concerned with longevity … my main concern is to be here as long as my great wife […][...]

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from William Quick:  Marching to Selma

From Rabbi Stephanie Alexander… We hope you will be inspired to join us for anything that piques your interest or ignites your imagination, for, while these activities do, we believe, sustain the Jewish soul, the spirit soars even higher when they are performed in a community.  We look forwa[...]

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Scratch my Back

Scratch My Back and Other Stories Aug 28, 2015 8:00 PM West of Lenin Seattle, WA Get Tickets Event Scratch My Back and Other Stories Long-time fabulist and storyteller Bret Fetzer unveils his newest American fairy tales, set in a world that’s half Appalachia/half Dust Bowl, where native spirit[...]

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BATTLE OF BRITAIN: 75th anniversary