Andrew Fuller I find your constant demonizing of Sawant very strange, Stephen Schwartz.
Andrew: You want demonization? How is Sawant different from Sarah Palin?
Sarah and Sawant  both demonize really, really good people … inciting hatred and hurting their own followers.
Look at Frank Chopp (whom Sawant has twice tried to defeat). Is the Democratic Majority Leader in the Washington House really a corporate tool? Or read Sawant’s latest high priced ad … a slogan wrapped around the Stranger. Why does she need to demonize Pam Banks and Rod Hearne?  Does she have some goal more important than promoting her own career?  Are Pam’s rebuilding of the Urban League or Rod’s successful campaign for gay marriage bad things? 
I would guess you are not Jewish, Palestinian, Armenian, Black and have not lived with demagogues like Sawant spouting this sort of hate. I am also guessing you did not live through the sixties.  Do you think the US benefited because another generation of red shirts yelling slogans got Richard Nixon elected as President? Or do you think the Russian people are benefiting because Mr. Putin demonizes the US?  The people wearing Sawant’s red shirts deserve much, much more.  So do the people voting for City Council next Tuesday. 

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