Changing my mind about position 9, Seattle City Council.

Perhaps from where you are. But where I am the blare is pretty hard to ignore.  Her slogans make it very hard to “hear” what others have to say.

City Council 7

(c) William Morse

The vote this Tuesday in District 3 will, sadly, be based on reactions to her political stunts and the effect of the money she has raised.
Will this help her or hurt her? I do not know. What I do know is that we still have not had a public discussion of the kinds of the ideas you and others have presented.
Will she help or hurt you? After the “debate” at New Hope Baptist, I probably would have voted against you.  To be honest, I thought all the performances of candidates for position 9 were  blah.  You and Lorena González seemed similar but because your name has been tied to Sawant, I sort of thought you were also full of hype.  I going to give my vote to Ms.  González. 
I changed my mind when a friend got me to READ some if what you have written,  Now I  will vote for you.  FWIW, I do hope you and  González  are in the finals and would love to hear a real debate.

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