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Medicare Is Born: July 30, 1965

Sixty years ago today, Lyndon Johnson signed the law creating Medicare and Medicaid. He was in In Independence, Missouri,  to honor  Harry S. Truman. Truman, the heir to FDR, first proposed a national health insurance plan in 1945. The effort failed because conservatives called what is now Medic[...]

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UPDATES: The Ave Readers Like Family Squabbles!

I am amazed.♥ The original Hugh Schwartz post had 200 hits in one day, but this one has over 2300! The Schwartz family Feud Has Potential For TV! 7 PM July 30   Since noon when I posted the latest hate mail from Hugh Schwartz and William Quick, my aggressive brother and brother-in-law,  their [...]

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Will Sawant’s Army Win?

TAX THE RICH! DOWN WITH LANDLORDS! WORKERS ARISE! As Seattle goes to the polls, our mail in ballots are due by next Tuesday! Meanwhile, something new is happening .. at least new for Seattle.  One candidate, Kshama Sawant, has built her campaign in District 3 on masses of external funds.  Almost [...]

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This is sport?


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Summertime and the living is easy.

Khen Ghazon “TELL ME AGAIN” Tell me again why we should forget I see that you haven’t forgotten Pearl Harbor yet Tell me again why you say you can’t… You paid everyone else for their time in the camps Tell me again why we should ignore The many times you said “you’re mama[...]