The 1% .. South African Style

Minister Senzeni Zokwana’s herder gets R26 a day

 While the poor in the YS suffer watching our rich get richer, people elsewhere are already living the American nightmare. Last year, the South African press reported that South Africa’s new Minister for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Senzeni Zokwana, pays his young cattle herder R800 a month. The minimum wage for farm employees is supposed to be R104/day but the cattle herder, Vuyolwethu Ndabambi.. earns about R26 a day while working every day of the week. Zokwana earned up to R1.2 million a year.  The minister is said to be proud that he helps put food on Mr. Vuyolwethu’s table.  (10 Rand = about 1 US dollar.)


What passes for a kitchen inside the shack is just a dusty wooden table in the corner of the rough structure. Picture: Lubabalo Ngcukana/City Press


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