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The Magnolia Patrol Association (MPA) is filing for recognition as a Washington State Chartered nonprofit organization 501 (c)3. We are based in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Magnolia is defined by their 20,000 plus residents that cover 3.8 square miles which includes Discovery P[...]

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White cops arrest black woman for burning Confederate flag

No, this didn’t happen in Mississippi or South Carolina, it happened in Manitou Springs, Colorado — a suburb of Colorado Springs, which Daily Beast describes as “a very white, heavily Republican Christian-conservative military city.” (Note: The Air Force Academy, which consta[...]

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What would happen if citizens who shot cops were treated like cops who shoot citizens?


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Police union weeps for Seattle cop who mistreated elderly black man

Seattle cop Cynthia Whitlatch has been on paid leave for nearly a year. She was taken off street duty after arresting a 69-year-old black man for using a golf club as a walking cane, and lying in her arrest report that he used the golf club as a weapon by swinging it at her. Her […][...]

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Road raging off-duty cop threatens to kill confused driver

To the 25-year-old lost and confused driver who “messed up” and drove the wrong way through a traffic circle, the man in shorts and tank top who jumped out of a red pickup truck and yelled expletives at him appeared to be a road rager. So he put his car in reverse and began backing [&hel[...]

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The Republican Ticket


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Call me flipper

Dolphins by Name Bottlenose dolphins can recognize and respond to their own “signature whistles,” strengthening the evidence that these whistles function like names.[...]

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The 1% .. South African Style

Minister Senzeni Zokwana’s herder gets R26 a day  While the poor in the YS suffer watching our rich get richer, people elsewhere are already living the American nightmare. Last year, the South African press reported that South Africa’s new Minister for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, S[...]

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Seattle Initiative I22: What is it?

In an era where the cost of a single city council seat in Seattle may be over $1,000,000 SEATTLE,  I-122 is purported to  offer a divers collection of campaign finance reforms. The most innovative aspect would be that each voter would receive four $25 vouchers.  This would be intended to get can[...]