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Huckabee plagiarizes LBJ’s famous nuclear countdown ad

The original LBJ ad: Huckabee’s knockoff ad: Comment: Apart from the dubious ethics of using someone else’s creative work, Huckabee’s appropriation of LBJ’s famous “Daisy Girl Ad” depicting the countdown to World War III is ludicrous on its own terms. Conservative[...]

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We know Black Lives Matters, now what are we going to do about the fact that America does not care?

Black people continue to argue that Black Lives Matter. The fact that we have to argue, should let us know that they do not give a f@$k about us. We should devote our time and energy on debating within our own community. What is the solution? It is clear that the black community is awake […][...]

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Seat at the table mentality should be dead!

“Lebron James is more powerful than Adam Silver(NBA commissioner)” I laughed at that statement when I heard it.  I corrected it.  Lebron James could be more powerful than Adam Silver, if the brotha wasn’t scared of independence. You can have the potential to be more powerful than[...]

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Is Russia The Next BIG Target of ISIS?

ISLAMIC STATE Islamic State recruiters are coming for Russia’s best and brightest Officials hope hotlines and psychology courses will help.[...]

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Black people, do Black Lives Matter?

Where is the Black Proganda movement? How do we expect America to think Black Lives Matter when we are doing very little to establish that fact nowadays? Our movies, filmmakers actors/actresses have to reflect that fact, and right now they do not. The black community had Mario Van Peebles, Spike Le[...]

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Obama rebukes GOP’s extreme rhetoric

The GOP’s presidential candidates amped up their frenzied rhetoric over the weekend, with Mike Huckabee comparing President Obama’s Iran policy to Hitler marching Jews “into the ovens,” following on Donald Trump’s attacks on Sen. John McCain’s military service; an[...]

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Volcano in Chile


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Say Thank You to President Obama