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Bobbi is dead. Was she murdered? Who will get Whitney’s fortune?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston, died today after several months in a medically-induced coma. Like her mother, she apparently drowned in a bathtub — and controversy immediately began swirling about how it happened and whether drugs were involved. The case [...]

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Jeb Bush: “Phase out Medicare”


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‘I was almost another dead black male’

Alex Landau was 19 when a Denver cop pulled him over for an illegal left turn on Jan. 15, 2009. Soon, three cops were on the scene. Landau’s white passenger was arrested for pot possession. When Landau insisted police needed a warrant to search his car, they beat him unconscious. The cuts on h[...]

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Victim 1, Serial Killer 0

Police think a man killed by a woman who grabbed his gun and shot him when he attacked her likely was a serial killer, and they’re now investigating his potential connection to murders of women in several states. His MO was to find victims through online escort service ads. Cops found “s[...]

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Trump screeches: Theater shooting “has nothing to do with guns”

If you see this man call 911 but don’t approach him.[...]

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Huckabee shrieks: Iran deal “marches Israel to the door of the oven”

If you see this man call 911 but don’t approach him.[...]

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How to Take a Shit in South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia

TAKE IT ALL DOWN The twisted cross flag was not in common use until after Lee died. BUT it was never some affectionate symbol .. in part because Lee himself rejected any symbol glorifying the confederacy as a form of treason. The twisted cross was a symbol of Jim Crow, of lynchings and white sheets.[...]

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Right to Life Movement: Defending the rights of the passed on

(TA news: July 26, 2015) The National Right to Life Campaign Announces a New Campaign .. Getting the Vote for The Passed On. Press Release: We announce today a law suit on the behalf of the nine Americans killed recently in Charleston to assure that this vicious act will not deprive these good Ameri[...]

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MadeWith Pride .. but no unions!

Why is this better than making planes in Thailand?[...]

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Spelman College Drops Bill Cosby Professorship Spelman’s move follows the release of a document where Cosby admits getting drugs to give women for sex Posted: 07/25/2015[...]