Get PAID to vote in the Seattle Primary!

price of a vite n Seattle


If you’re a registered voter, you should have gotten yours in the mail already.

Why vote alone when you can join in TRU’s two-night Voting Extravaganza?? Bring yourself & your ballot, schmooze with the candidates, enjoy drink specials, and hear some comedy from stand-up comedian and Kshama Sawant promoter Brett Hamil..  Brett will make fun of such evil characters as Mayor Murray, Seattle’s “shittiest” Council member Tim Burgess, Kshama’s antagonist Pam Banks for taking dollars from cops supporting police brutality.  Good stuff!  betcha hizzoner does not show for the fun!

Besides cheap booze, the bars are giving away FREE STAMPS!  Yep, stamps are expensive these days. so we will have them for you to lick and place on your ballot!

So come, bring your thirsty friends, and their ballots!    

TRU Voting Extravaganza Day #1
Monday, July 27, 7:00 PM – close
@ Neighbor Lady Bar, 2308 E. Union St.

TRU Voting Extravaganza Day #2
Tuesday, July 28, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
@ Vermillion Bar, 1508 11th Ave

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  1. theaveeditor #

    Dan Jacoby (Facebook)
    Back in the old days of NYC’s Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed would send his troops out to voting places armed with small bottles of whiskey. Someone would enter the polling place and pick up a blank ballot. He would then fill out the ballot and hand it to the first voter in line. That voter would go in, pick up a blank ballot, cast the pre-marked ballot, and bring the blank ballot out. He would then give that ballot to the Tammany Hall operative and get a bottle of whiskey.

    The process would repeat for each voter.

    Interestingly, back in the 1750s (when the secret ballot hadn’t been invented yet), voters in Virginia colony would announce their vote publicly at the polling place. George Washington lost his first election. He won three years later, because this time his people brought a variety of bottles of alcohol to hand out to voters who voted for him.…/george-washington-plied-voters…

    George Washington Plied Voters with Booze
    Ex-president also made whiskey, but was a wine lush.

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