Defending Peace

They’re putting the band back together. The same people who brought you the disastrous war in Iraq now want to provoke another Middle East war — this time with Iran.

President Obama’s historic deal with Iran will make our world safer by blocking every potential path Iran has to a nuclear weapon and keeping us out of yet another disastrous war of choice in the Middle East.

Republicans can’t stand it. That’s why John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham are going on a nationwide tour they call “No Nukes for Iran.” That’s right — three Senators who led the U.S. into a quagmire in Iraq are trying to undermine public support for the President’s efforts to protect national security without going to war.

Here’s the problem: McCain, Lieberman, and Graham are trying to get Democrats to join them and vote for a resolution that would risk war by overturning the President’s Iran deal. We saw what happened the last time Democrats stood with Republicans against peace in the Middle East. We can’t let that happen again.

That’s why DFA is joining 24 progressive organizations, including CREDO, MoveOn, and Win Without War, to stop a new war before it starts. Our coalition petition — which will be sent to Senators and congressmembers, as well as to House and Senate Democratic leadership — reads:

Republicans are trying to take us to war by sabotaging the Iran nuclear deal. I urge you to support the deal and stop the Republicans from starting another war of choice in the Middle East.

Sign our coalition petition and tell Congress: Defend the deal and stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran.

This time, the band has some new faces. Scott Walker, a leading presidential candidate, declared that he would tear up the agreement on his first day in office. He even said it was “very possible” that he would use military action against Iran.

Still, nobody can replace the original band members. After all, John McCain once sang “bomb Iran” to the tune of the classic Beach Boys song “Barbara Ann.” Lately he’s called the Iran deal “delusional and dangerous.” Now he’s joining his fellow hawks to rally public support to stop the President’s peace plan.

We have less than sixty days to stop them. Together, DFA and our allies are asking you to defend this precious chance for peace by urging congressional Democrats to stand strong against right-wing war hawks who want to defeat this deal and launch our country back on the path to war.

Now is the time to ramp up the pressure. Tell Congress: Defend the Iran deal and stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran. Sign the petition today.

Thank you for helping stop a war with Iran.

– Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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