FACEBOOK: Creative Censorship

William Quick and Creative Censorship.

I have posted before on some of the behavior of my brother in law, William Quick. He has engaged in a campaign of vilification up to and including an effort to convince my employer, the University of Washington, that I am mentally ill.  After a prolonged effort ny our officials to calm Bill down, he was asked to stop communicating with our President and Provost. If you wish to read this bizarre story use the Tag “William Quick” below. 

Recently, Bill used a copy of a business email I had sent to my brother to claim  that I had made “extraordinary nasty and unsubstantiated comments” after Bill deleted my comments.  Bill has done similar things before.  Sad and probably inappropriate since the email was about an estate matter and my brother is an executor of the estate.   Here is the exchange from Bill’s FB page. Bill Qick censoring Facebook

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