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Is Jordan An “Apartheid State?”

Jordanian refugee: “I would rather sit in an Israeli prison than live under the king” Jordanian Palestinian political and human rights activist Mohammed Btaibet speaks out against the BDS Movement and explains why Jordan but not Israel is an apartheid state: “Jordan would be better off under I[...]

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FACEBOOK: Creative Censorship

William Quick and Creative Censorship. I have posted before on some of the behavior of my brother in law, William Quick. He has engaged in a campaign of vilification up to and including an effort to convince my employer, the University of Washington, that I am mentally ill.  After a prolonged effor[...]

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The Cosmos Threat


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Sawant’s Numbers Do Not Add Up

“As a representative of the people I do not take a penny of corporate cash.”* Her contributions list includes Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and numerous law firms. 61% of her contributions come either from outside of Seattle or from contributors who refuse to  give their address.   “[...]

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SEATTLE HOUSING .. a breakthough idea

Sarajane Siegfriedt Good news for affordable housing! More land will soon be available in Seattle, so we don’t have to tear down our most affordable older, SF homes. The City determined last year that we have at least three times the zoned capacity to meet the 20-year growth goals. (They’[...]

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A tale of two arrests

Two Georgia cops stopped a 30-year-old white male for a traffic offense last week. According to a police press release, “Immediately, the driver exhibited aggression towards the officers and began making statements consistent with “sovereign citizen” type beliefs. Rather than compl[...]

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The Faux Debate on Rent Control

        The great debate over rent control turned out to be an amateurish production of the famous play “The Theater of the Absurd.” video The doors to Town Hall opened at 5 PM. By 6 PM the crowd overwhelmed the former church, extending out onto the sidewalk where I u[...]

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What happens when you diss an American hero? I


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Trump isn’t the only GOP jackass

Sen. Lindsay Graham is upset with Donald Trump for attacking John McCain’s military service record. While other Republicans are calling for Trump to drop out of the presidential race, Graham — who’s also seeking the GOP nominating — said, “I don’t care if he drops[...]

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The rent crisis is nationwide

It isn’t your imagination. Rents are soaring. Since 1979, the average rent burden on young workers has risen from 23% to 30% of income, Zillow says. The problem is that construction collapsed during the housing bust and recession, but the population kept growing, which has led to a nationwide [...]