Charly James:

Open letter to Martin Luther King County Executive Dow Constantine.

Dear Executive Constantine:

Their are a lot of reasons why the majority of the American African community lives outside of the city of Seattle and what used to be a Seattle problem is now a county problem.

We have pushed these Black residents into apt houses in south King county without any infra structure and wonder why there are so many young black men being killed in Renton, Burien, Federal Way and Kent. Two more died in Renton this weekend and one of them I knew very well.

In spite of this carnage i have yet to hear a real sense of urgency from the county. I have yet to see the county pulling Seattle and these small cities together to draw up a county wide plan. We still act like its a public taboo to earmark money and resources directly at the American African community but no other community is having the funerals we are having.

You are the Executive over the only county named for a Black man in America so we should have higher expectations here. This county is supposeCharlie James's photo. to live up to the ideals of the man its named after and right now its doing a poor job. I have made several appeals to you and staff members and received platitudes but little action. if you want to be Governor its starts right here and I hope you are up to the task. You seem to need staff who are more knowledgeable of the problem and I have suggestions for that as well.

This is urgent. To many of my people are dying. Do you care?

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