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Does Rent Control Work in Sweden?

Dr Peter Vella is an Australian scientific researcher living and working in Sweden. This article appeared in Crikey as a suggestion for his hime town of Sydney.  Valkommen to Swedish Rent Control In 2014 I left Australia to work in Sweden – little did I know of the difficulties in finding an apa[...]

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4700 ISIS Collaborators arrested in snap raids across the US. America Panics!

KEEP VERY CALM Actually that is the proportion (based on THEIR) population of Saudis just arrested for collusion wth ISIS.  Last Saturday in Riyahd,  Saudi Arabia announced it has broken up planned Islamic State attacks in the kingdom and arrested more than 400 suspects in an anti-terrorism swe[...]

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Why we can’t afford public services

                                                                          (Click here for source.)  [...]

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A Community Activist Explains His Support of HALA

Alan Durning, a member of the HALA Committee,  has an OPED in today’s Seattle Times.  Some quotes:  “First, the purpose of changing single-family zoning is to welcome families who aren’t rich. It’s to enable the Travanas and Meaghans to live in these neighborhoods, too, renting[...]

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The New Iran

“We will never stop supporting our friends in the region and the people of Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon. Even after this deal our policy towards the arrogant U.S. will not change,”   Ayotollah Khamaeini commenting on signing the Nuclear Deal. In the 21st century, e[...]

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BUCHENWALD 76: THE Ave Challenge: Found in the pile

So who is this?  Found in some old newspapers.  As time goes on the memories will be lost.  Who do you suppose this baby might be? A. Goering’s only child. B. Winner, ideal Aryan contest. C. Hitler’s baby picture. D. Baby Jew who later ended up in Buchenwald E. Baby picture of Angela [...]

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I’m Gonna Go To Hell When I Die I’m Gonna Go To Hell When I Die I’m Gonna Go To Hell When I Die I’m Gonna Go To Hell When I Die I can’t be saved, it’s too late for me I’m going to H-E Double L when I D-I-E You could say I’m messed […][...]