Rick Perry shouldn’t be president

Actually, there are lots of reasons, and Mother Jones details some of them here. Among them: He’s been indicted, his administration is marred by scandals, and he’s allowed hundreds of executions, including his disturbing handling of the Cameron Todd Willingham case. In 2011, he slashed his state’s firefighting budget, then sought federal aid when Texas was ravaged by wildfires. Now, here’s another item to add to his rap sheet:

“Texas is a huge state. It’s also leaving a huge amount of federal money on the table—and not insuring more than 1 million people—because of its opposition to Obamacare.”

(Source: CNBC; click here for story.)

rick-perryIn short, Rick Perry should never be president because he has badly mismanaged his state, and that’s not the kind of leadership our nation needs while we’re still struggling to recover from our worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Photo: Is this someone you’d trust with the nuclear button?


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