Florida trailer park manager threatens to evict elderly resident for accepting food from church

6IeUl.AuSt.69Pearl Jones, 81, has lived at Caryln Estates Mobile Home Park for 31 years. She owns her trailer, but pays rent for the space. The trailer park was sold last year, and the new owners imposed this rule:  If you accept food donations from a church or food bank, you’re out. So Jones, a widow who lives on $883 a month and pays $400 rent, stopped accepting food from nearby Hope Church after receiving a warning letter from park manager Tonia Sonju.  “This lady is from California and she said no one in here needs it,” Jones said of Sonju. “She thinks everyone in here has a lot of money.” In fact, about a quarter of the residents have been receiving food assistance — until now. Now, they’re afraid of losing their homes if they do. (Click here for story.)

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  1. mikeglassford #

    yes, they run those trailer parks like concentration camps. I lost mine to a predator attorney who owned a park in Sebring, FLA. SHE WILL BE EVICTED AND WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY LOT FESS AND WILL NOT BE ABBLE TO MOVE HER TRAILER. They hold all the cards. She is screwed. BEEN THERE GOT THE T-SHIRT EMARK CORPORATION does the same type of illegal and immoral nonsense. THEY OWN THE LAWS.