SEATTLISH: Slave Wages at the meh Space Needle

 The SWU post is pure Tea party Warhawk rhetoric. It mirros Netnyahu's bizarre effort to turn Israel into a protectorate of right wing American evangelicals who see us a fodder for their Armageddon.

I agree with this Seattlish post but have a question?  Why can’t there be a picket line around the Needle?  It is PUBLIC property.

Space Needle employees are finally getting a raise (but the Space Needle still sucks)

After 11 attempts at mediation, the Space Needle has apparently been worn down enough to give raises to some of its employees, retroactive to 2011 when they first started getting up to their union-busting bullshit.However, the Times reports, the current contract is far from perfect – it restricts access to the job site (and thus, access to labor representation) and is missing key provisions for job security.

Some Space Needle employees who work for minimum wage will not be getting raises, either; the private company that owns the landmark will comply with the City’s wage laws, which built in a wage increase, but the Needle won’t go above and beyond that.

Still, Local 8, who represents the Space Needle employees, called the increase in wages a win. They’re been hard at work making life harder for the most-recognizable building in town, hosting protests (attended by multiple City Councilmembers) and remaining unrelenting in their demands for, if nothing else, more money.

Our official ruling? There are still a lot better places to throw your money than the Space Needle, which has been horrid to its workers at every turn. Despite the management’s ability and authorization to give raises ages ago. In fact, the Needle was so desperate not to give unionized workers what they were owed, they hired a bunch of temporary workers for more money than many long-time employees made.

So: Congrats to Local 8 and the hard-working folks at Unite Here who helped some of our city’s residents get a much-needed raise! And: Go fuck yourselves, Space Needle management.

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