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THE Ave Challenge: Trump’s Brother endorses the Donald.. what is his name?


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Okies stage “Stand By The Flag” rally at president’s visit

  Hey, this is America; you can wave any damn flag you want to. Click here and here for story.[...]

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South Carolina Struggles: how to wash away the blood?

Historic South Carolina paper rips pro-Confederate lawmakers: It’s ‘chilling’ how much they sound like KKK The largest newspaper in South Carolina’s capital city pointed out this week the “chilling” similarities between lawmakers who defended the Confederate flag and members of the Ku Kl[...]

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Spokane-area mayor is a hate-filled racist, sexist, and bigot who wishes President Obama and the First Lady were dead

Patrick Rushing, mayor of Airway Heights (a Spokane suburb), gained national notoriety this week for posting the following remark about the President and First Lady on his Facebook page: “Gorilla face Michelle, can’t disagree with that. The woman is not attractive except to monkey man Ba[...]

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CHINA: No Effin Civil Rights Here You Ugly Americans

Report Inside China’s human rights crackdown As nearly 150 rights activists are locked up or questioned in China, Reuters correspondent Sui-Lee Wee speaks about talking to one of them, lawyer Wang Yu, in a recent interview.[...]

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SEATTLISH: Slave Wages at the meh Space Needle

Space Needle employees are finally getting a raise (but the Space Needle still sucks) After 11 attempts at mediation, the Space Needle has apparently been worn down enough to give raises to some of its employees, retroactive to 2011 when they first started getting up to their union-busting bullshit.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Japan Returns?

Japan’s lower house of parliament OKs expanded military role[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Obama Brings Broadband To Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!

ConnectHome, a low income  initiative by the Obama administration, will bring high-speed broadband access to over 275,000 low-income households across the US. According to the White House, the pilot program will launch in 27 cities including New York, Boston and Seattle, as well as the Choctaw Tri[...]

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On Abortion

I am a devout atheist and a  scientist. But I  understand that religious people live in an alternative reality. Whether that reality is Fox, Ayn Rand, Marx, Medical Marijuana or fundie Islam, the only “rules” I can make are 2. 1. Your reality can not interfere with mine. 2. You can no[...]