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Spokane-area mayor refuses to resign over racist Obama remark

“Gorilla face Michelle, can’t disagree with that. The woman is not attractive except to monkey man Barack. Check out them ears. LOL.” That’s what Mayor Patrick Rushing of Airway Heights, Washington, a Spokane suburb, posted on Facebook about the President and First Lady of the United Sta[...]

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Why Trump would’ve been a perfect candidate in 1720


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Maricopa County agrees to put a leash on Arpaio

Maricopa County’s board of supervisors have settled a federal lawsuit by agreeing to “new policies, procedures and training” under federal supervision to remedy civil rights violations by the county’s racist elected sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who has gained national notoriety for v[...]

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Republicans despise hungry people

It doesn’t matter whether you’re unemployed and hungry because of a bad economy, racism, disability, old age, or other factors beyond your control.  If you’re hungry and need government food assistance, they hate you. (Click here for source.) My question is, how do these people ge[...]

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Why did Snoqualmie hire this cop?

America’s police are under intense scrutiny following a string of highly-publicized incidents of police violence against civilians, especially blacks, that have resulted in deaths of innocent (and not-so-innocent) people, provoked protests, and left municipalities paying expensive legal settle[...]

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When Jews Drink Tea with Republicans

  Stand with Us is a Jewish movement that does a good job of combating the antisemitic, pro Hamas boycott movement (BDS).  Unfortunately, SWU has been sipping too many Glessel Tea with the Tea Party and seems have fallen under the rhetorical table of the Republican extremist reaction to the Iran [...]

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Repugnant Foxies: Fox reporter asks President Obama if he is “celebrating” while four Americans are held hostage by Iran.

Watch the exchange:[...]

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The Stranger’s Wierd Endorment of Kshama Sawant (emphasis added)

Council District No. 3 Kshama Sawant Kshama Sawant KELLY O Comrades! Let us take another step forward in the righteous, people-powered, scent-free struggle to overthrow the greedy capitalists and create a Socialist utopia on Puget Sound, a place where a giant state apparatus will ensure that you hav[...]

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Jeb Bush’s Former Classmates Say He Was A Hash-Smoking Bully AP Photo / Susan Walsh ByCATHERINE THOMPSONPublishedJANUARY 31, 2015, 11:48 AM EST37819 Views Thanks to the Boston Globe, we know what it’s like to get high with Jeb Bush. In a profile published Friday, the newspaper spoke with[...]

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Seattle City Council Race goes national!

First Kshama Sawant took her campaign to the lace curtain liberals who celebrate Marxism in New York.  She brought back something like $50,000 from unions and law firms with no obvious reason to care about pot holes on 23rd or the loss of Black people form Seattle.  Now national realtors gave  [...]