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Why there won’t be a mini-ice age

The research isn’t wrong, just how it’s interpreted by people who don’t know a damn thing about science.  The reason we’re not on the cusp of a mini-ice age is because, while sunspot activity can vary by 60% or more, the sun’s energy output doesn’t vary by more t[...]

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A picture without words

(If you want to read the story, click here.)[...]

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The difference between the South and everywhere else

Why I’m Leaving The South by RationalSouthCarolina I’ve come to the painful decision that in order to preserve my life, I must leave the land that I love. I was born in Mississippi, grew up in Virginia, and lived most of my adult life in South Carolina; all beautiful places with amazing [...]

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The Dawning of the Obvious


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Join with Israelis to combat racism in Israel

 – be part of this new movement of change. Join our Community >> Subscribe to ‘Tag-Meir’ newsletter Tag Meir, Light Tag, founded in 2011 is the largest grassroots organization in Israel that works against hate crime and religious racism in Israel…[...]

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Obama Earns His Nobel Prize

DEAL DONE  [...]

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CHINA’s Imperialism

China won’t accept Hague sovereignty arbitration: FM 07-14 16:38 China will refuse to recognize the conclusion of the arbitration requested by the Philippines over the two countries’ maritime sovereignty dispute, a spokesperson said on Tuesday, after an international tribunal heard the m[...]

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America’s Worst Racists? Come to the Northwest

Racism knows no region. POLITICO: Confederate sympathizers have nothing on the ‘Northwest Front.’ By CASEY MICHEL  Want to meet America’s worst racists? Come to the Northwest Much of the national debate over racism in the aftermath of last month’s mass murder in Charleston, S.C., has fo[...]

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CHINA: The End of Pretensions of Democracy and Rule of Law

China Detains Dozens Of Rights Lawyers.. These Are Portraits Of 8 Of Them[...]