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NYC to pay $5.9M to Eric Garner’s family

New York City has settled a lawsuit arising from the police killing of Eric Garner for $5.9 million, CBS News reports. Garner was killed when police accosted him for selling cigarets and a cop put him in a chokehold. The family previously had rejected a $5 million settlement offer. Click here for st[...]

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Iowa cops sued for highway robbery

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Iowa cops who seized $100,000 of cash from two professional gamblers on their way home to California from a World Series of Poker event. The men were pulled over for allegedly failing to signal before passing another vehicle. The problem is, [...]

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Pam vs Kshama

A colleague of mine is leaning toward a vote for Kshama Sawant.  Here is my advice to him: Ed.  May I suggest you meet each of them before deciding on Pam vs Sawant. There is no comparison.   Pam grew up in a single family home. Her mom was a Chinese/Japanese lady who died when […][...]

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Sawant: Cut off Their Heads

As  usual, today Kshama Sawant blew her stack after the Mayor and Seattle City Council reached an agreement to address the need for zoning reform.  The focus of the Mayor and the Council , as usual, is on finding ways to use development to enhance rather than destroy our existing neighborhoods.  [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is missing from this picture celebrating Andrew Jackson?

With all the self congratulations due in South Carolina, I will not be impressed until we all see the evil of a mural like this that somehow erases slavery from our memory along with Jefferson Davis Day and cotillions of white bells dressed like slave mistresses. According to my brother in law, Will[...]

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“No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.”

Carl Mack, FACEBOOK  The Constitution of The Confederate States of America Did the Confederacy really want SLAVERY? I’ve hung my hat on the words of the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens in his infamous, “Cornerstone Speech”. But now, let’s review the Con[...]

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Josh Feit Pontificates on Single Family Housing

PUBLICOLA I presume that the intent of the person who leaked the draft to the Seattle Times was to sabotage the idea by outing it to an anticipated chorus of uniform boos. There’s some telling symbolism in their evident misread of the situation on the ground. The people who are intent on preservin[...]

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FACEBOOK: The black helicopters invade my cpap machine

UPDATE:  Revel’s post may be a hoax or a joke.  One of her friends justposted on FB that she was making a joke.  The comments thread suggest the joke was taken seriously.   Revel Smith “JESUS RFID f****** Christ! ” said I when I learned the CPAP (sleep aid) machine has a sm[...]

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UPDATE: Why does ANYONE want to live in Marion County Florida?

So.. after posting the article below I emailed the two Jewish synagogues n Marion County, asking that they take a stand against the racist. I reminded them of the heroic role Jews played during Civil Rights. No response. Now, this morning, I woke up to read: Eight mile-long convoy of Confederate f[...]

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UW Faculty Thanks State Legislature

Greetings, This will be my final message regarding the 2015 legislative sessions: one regular session and three special sessions that created the longest number of days in session in the history of the state:  176 days.  Higher education became one of the most pressing points of negotiation in the[...]