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Undemocratic laws, not tradition, keep “Southern Heritage” alive

   By now, everyone knows a Confederate battle flag waved over South Carolina’s capitol grounds because of a law — enacted by the long-gone legislators of another era, in protest of the civil rights movement — and it took legislative action to legally remove it. (It was subjected[...]

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Ridicule is the best way of dealing with BDS

Israeli caricaturists mobilize to fight BDS via Facebook News: A group of Israli caricaturists frustrated with ineffectiveness of hasbara are posting sarcastic caricatures to expose BDS supporters’ hypocrisy. YNETNEWS.COM[...]

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William Quick of South Carolina Shares A Piece from The WAPO: In Praise of Deleting a Damned Flag

 WAPO’s  Kathleen Parker on the flag: “The past may not be past, as William Faulkner put it. But it sure seems to be leaving.” “As I watched the broadcast of the Confederate battle flag being brought down from its post on the South Carolina statehouse grounds Friday mornin[...]

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Graham: Trump is “wrecking ball”

Donald Trump’s unexpected popularity with the GOP grassroots has caught many Republican Party leaders by surprise — and perhaps demonstrates how far gone the GOP is. Trump is drawing good-sized crowds, mostly Tea Party types, and leads the GOP pack in some polls. Keep in mind, though, th[...]

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On Gay Marriage, The Court was right BUT

I fully support the right of association and therefore marriage and, BUT I believe the govt ought to just issues “pairing” licences to anyone who wants one.   I think equating homosexual marriage with heterosexaul marriage should be a decision for religions, NOT the state.   I especia[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Iran Deal is Real!

Negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks are expected to reach a provisional agreement Sunday on a historic deal that would curb the country’s atomic program in return for sanctions relief, diplomats told The Associated Press. Meanwhile at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting in Jerusalem[...]

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Seattle Should Recognize the Duwamish People!

 Where is The Seattle City Council?  Last year the City Council voted to rename “Columbus Day” after that well known American tribe the “Indyje-nus”as in Indigenous Peoples Day.” Other than an unneeded, politically correct  insult to Italian Americans, this mouthful[...]

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I support RATIONAL Linkage Fees

Among Sawant Kshama’s catch phrase demagoguery is the term “linkage fees.”  This is a tax on new construction .. presumably to be used ot pay for creating the housing projects she wants to build for the poor.  Sounds good?  Perhaps until you read the numbers.  The linkage fee s[...]

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Luxury Hotel in ISIS’ Iraq!


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS:Buchenwald 76, Anniversary of the camp opening.

  Eighty Years Since The Opening of the Buchenwald Camp I believe the Christian concept of forgiveness is central to Nazi and American racism. Knowing you can turn to your God for forgiveness not only makes the deed forgivable it makes you a superior being.[...]