Commentary by SMS: A Sawantista Accuses Me of Racism, Classism and Obesity!

John Retherford Stephen seems to me to just be expressing a sense of class privilege, and Stephen Schwartz's photo.anxiety that someone in power seems to be challenging the entitlement businesses feel to have exclusive access to the ears of their political representatives. How dare a politician ignore them and focus all their attention the poor and traditionally unrepresented constituencies. It’s not much different from the anxiety white people feel when their traditional place of entitlement and privilege is challenged by the anti-racism movement. (ed. he left out the facts that I am an obese diabetic and own a 1981 34ft Tollycraft). 
Stephen Schwartz Gosh John Retherford, you are pretty damned good at Trotsky speak. Class? Race? You left oujt “fat Jew!”

What do you want? A food fight over which of us is less white? Or howsabout comparing credentials as to which of us has put more effort into civil rights and worked harder for equal opportunity? Oh, have you ever visited a communist distatorship and seen the way the proletariate leader class lives?

I grew up in Boston, a town that makes any ideas of race or class in Seattle silly. As an activist we all knew folks who fit your description of me ..especially Irish folk who moved up and out of Southie. These nice folk were VERY librul .. all too willing to see my black neighbors in Roxbury and the Irish in Southy fight it out. But, these “lace curtain Irish” were never willing to have back kids attned their surburabn schools.

During the Vietnam war, while many of us were trying to end the war, these nice folks were out in the streets, waving their little red books and ..electing Richard M Nixon!

So, that is how I see Sawant .. waving a little red book and calling out folks who actually want to get things done, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE TOVARISH

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