People of Color: Koreans Living in Japan

@@from Global Post:  Koreans have lived in Japan since Korea was colonized by the Empire in the 20s.  Their descendants in Japan are required to maintain Korean names, creating an inevitable prejudice despite the fact the Koreans and Japanese are almost identical at a genetic level.

Soo-im Lee, an ethnic Korean and researcher at Ryukoku University in Kyoto reports: “The social problem of hate speech and hate crimes against Koreans is becoming serious,. “Right wingers … hurt Koreans living here, but since Japan has no laws to ban racial discrimination, Koreans and humanitarian Japanese are fighting back against this profound racism.”

“Koreans are cockroaches,” a sampling of protest signs would say from anti-Korean groups like Zaitokukai. “Go back to Korea!” “Kick them out of Japan,” other anti-Korean activists shouted at demonstrations. Protesters even approached ethnic Korean schools, calling students “North Korean spies.”

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