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“Twenty-two months of negotiation means we have managed to charm the world, and it’s an art,” President Rouhani, Iran

The talks continue.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: NAACP Ends 15-Year Boycott Of South Carolina


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BREAKING NEWS: Hillary takes a real, substantive stand on the 1%

Clinton to pledge to close carried interest tax loophole: adviser 2:51pm EDT NEW YORK – Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton will pledge on Monday to close the carried interest tax loophole that allows private equity fund managers to pay a lower tax rate on much of their earnings,[...]

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People of Color: Koreans Living in Japan

from Global Post:  Koreans have lived in Japan since Korea was colonized by the Empire in the 20s.  Their descendants in Japan are required to maintain Korean names, creating an inevitable prejudice despite the fact the Koreans and Japanese are almost identical at a genetic level. Soo-im Lee, an e[...]

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Will WASTATE Supreme Court Find The Legislature in Contempt?

FACEBOOK Gerry Pollet I expect our Supreme Court will agree that class sizes count, and delaying reducing class sizes above 3rd grade denies a generation of their right to educational opportunity. And, same for improving teacher pay, of which Court said: nothing is more basic to basic education tha[...]

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THE Ave Scene: Music

Whidbey Island Music Festival Aug 08, 2015 7:30 PM St. Augustine’s in-the-woods Freeland, WA Music>Classical Music>Festivals Get Tickets Share this event!  [...]

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Commentary by SMS: A Sawantista Accuses Me of Racism, Classism and Obesity!

John Retherford Stephen seems to me to just be expressing a sense of class privilege, and anxiety that someone in power seems to be challenging the entitlement businesses feel to have exclusive access to the ears of their political representatives. How dare a politician ignore them and focus all the[...]

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Housing Crisis: Look at Vancouver!

Soaring Vancouver home prices “Average, hardworking Canadian residents are being forced to compete for housing with the global wealthy,”   Sinophobia comes to Vancouver BC … “In interviews, five real estate agents who primarily sell homes on Vancouver’s exclusive west[...]