Seattle Times and Seattle Municipal League Rate Pam Banks as Best City Council Candidate in District 3

The Municipal League has rated the five people running for Seattle City Council form District 3. The Times agrees.  (readmore ST stories about Pam Banks)

Joel Connelly also wrote about this in the PI, “Several of the Muni League ratings will raise eyebrows, and likely tarnish the League’s reputation for scrupulously rating abilities of those seeking office….A young American Red Cross worker, Morgan Beach, has stood out in District 3 forums:  She has outlined a step-by-step process for tackling income inequality in Seattle, and has made herself heard even in forums featuring Sawant and her loud cheering section.  Appallingly, Beach was only rated “Adequate” by the Muni League.”

Joel goes on to note that “Socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant is rated lower than challenger Pamela Banks, CEO of the Seattle Urban League.”

Joel’s point of view is itself less than good journalism.  He cites self proclaimed Trotskyite Kshama Sawant only in terms of her “loud cheering section” and fails to mention gay marriage activist Rod Hearne who, along with Urban League CEO Pam Banks, has made fairly specific proposals on how to deal with the issues in District 3 .. . developing housing that preserves the unique culture of the District.  After criticizing the League for not “scrupulously rating abilities of those seeking office” his article focuses on Morgan Beach, even though her limited experience in political or administrative life would seem to justify the League’s evaluation of “adequate.”

A full municipal League Voters Guide is available here.  

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