Germany, Above all other nations, should understand the need to suport Greece in crisis

Thomas Piketty:

Germany Shouldn’t Be Telling Greece To Repay Debt


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  1. theaveeditor #

    Stephen Schwartz My thinking on this mess is a mess. I wonder what would happen if “we” stopped supporting Kansas and Mississippi? If Europe wnats ot be a union, it needs to act as one even when the state’s problmes are its own (as owuld be true for Kansas and Mississippi.

    I also feel there is a huge need her to understand the geopolitics. Greece by location is a real prize. In a world where war IS commerce, this may be an opening for Iran, Russia or China.

    Hell, Saudi Arabia might really innovate and ask Greece to join it in an economic union that traded a great climate for petrodollars. Imagine if Saudi Arabia shared teritorial roghts over the greel islands. Imagin someone opening a B&B (Bikini and Burkas).