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BREAKING NEWS: Iran needs its long pointy things

Iran tells UN: lift ballistic missile embargo or there will be no nuclear deal Talks run into trouble as officials lay down last-minute conditions[...]

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Click To Speak for the StarsnBars


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NYC settles notorious Occupy case

In September 2011, New York City police corralled 6 female protesters inside netting and pepper-sprayed them. The video of this incident went viral. Today, the city agreed to pay the 6 women a total of $332,500. As usual in cases of police abuse, the taxpayers get the bill and the misbehaving cops g[...]

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South Carolina’s senate votes to remove that flag

The South Carolina senate voted 37-3 today to remove the Confederate flag flying over the capitol grounds (see photo at left). If two-thirds of the state House votes tomorrow to remove it, as is expected, the flag will come down as soon as Gov. Nikki Haley signs the bill, which she has said she inte[...]

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Donald Trump creates jobs … in China and Bangladesh


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The most dishonest anti-gay ad you’ll ever watch

This ad from takes the conservative victimhood meme to a whole new level. Click here for story. According to Wikipedia, “ is a conservative, non-profit political advocacy group based in the United States. While the organization acknowledges the authority of[...]

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Progressive punks Christie

That’s Gov. Christie wearing the red shirt and priceless facial expression. Click here for story.[...]

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Germany, Above all other nations, should understand the need to suport Greece in crisis

Thomas Piketty: Germany Shouldn’t Be Telling Greece To Repay Debt[...]

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Take the damned flag down, then let all South Carolinians celebrate a true hero .. Jeremy Cato

OK, but why not celebrate the bravery of Africans who fought against slavery? Most of these heroes are not even in the history books. A good place to start might be with Cato’s Rebellion. A good way of recognizing this might be to rename Charleston College for this great American Jeremy Cato[...]

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Jeb feigns outrage at Trump’s racism

Joan Walsh of Salon wrote today, “The New York Times trumpeted an ‘indignant Jeb Bush’ who ‘said he takes Donald Trump’s remarks personally.’ … Bush told the Times Trump was ‘wrong’ and ‘way out of the mainstream of what Republicans think.[...]