Mexico pulls out of Miss Universe

The blowback over Donald Trump’s racist anti-Mexican remarks continues unabated. Because Trump is co-owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, Univision and NBC won’t televise the event, and both celebrities hired to host the event have pulled out. And now, Mexico says it won’t send a contestant. I like what a Daily Kos commenter said:

“Huh. It seems the person who based his campaign bid around the theory that he was such a shrewd businessman he’d have everyone from Mexico to China to ISIS begging for mercy was caught unawares by the discovery that people and businesses who are Not Him are free to play that game too.”

Click here for story. Meanwhile, Trump has risen to the No. 2 spot in Republican polls, which makes you wonder about the competence of Republican voters.

trumpPhoto: Trump with Miss Universe/Miss Mexico 2010. I hope he savored the moment, because it’s unlikely to be repeated, thanks to his stupid big mouth.

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