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Rebel Pride Day … “God don’t like ugly”

(Parental warning: Audio track contains language unsuitable for children. But don’t turn off the audio, send the kids out of the room instead, or you won’t hear the BOOM! when these Johnny Rebs rear-end each other.)[...]

June 29th, 2015 - 6:14 pm § in Politics

GOP Congress kills “Boeing Bank”

The Ex-Im Bank will die tomorrow, because conservative Republicans oppose it “on ideological grounds.” (Click here for story) Ex-Im is jokingly called “Boeing Bank” because more than half its transactions finance the sale of Boeing airplanes, which are America’s #1 expo[...]

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FACEBOOK DISCUSSION of climate denial!

Click the image to friend a real life, hard core, science denying Facebook type. Brian Frakes Stephen what mental institution are you a resident of? Brian Frakes Please tell me that you aren’t free to walk among us!  Brian Frakes Ron, up your ass, pin head Brian Frakes Stupid MF! Get a fuckng[...]

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Jeb Announces

Memories Abound![...]

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BREAKING NEWS: “Sam” is ill.

Lora-Ellen McKinney to Charley James “My father has been quite ill for a few weeks and, given his years, has a challenging recovery. He is doing better. Please hold good thoughts for him and us. Your browser does not support iframes.  [...]

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What are medical licensing boards good for, if they won’t discipline a doctor like this?

Scott DesJarlais is a licensed physician and Republican congressman from Tennessee who has voted in Congress against abortion rights. From Wikipedia (click here): “DesJarlais’ first wife Susan had alleged that her ex-husband engaged in ‘violent and threatening behavior’. Cou[...]

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Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion restrictions

Conservatives, including conservative Supreme Court justices, complain that death penalty foes are waging “guerrilla war” against capital punishment by working with drug companies to block states’ access to execution drugs, but conservative abortion foes have waged a guerrilla war [...]

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NBC to Trump: You’re fired!

NBC has joined Univision in sacking Donald Trump for his racist remarks about Mexican immigrants in his presidential announcement speech last week. NBC has terminated all its business arrangements with Trump. “This means the network won’t air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, wh[...]

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The next big thing in executions: Nitrogen asphyxiation

A human life is difficult to destroy. Our bodies can take a lot of punishment, and people often put up amazingly tough resistance against efforts to put them away. We can survive remarkable injuries. Despite the tremendous firepower of modern armies, the vast majority of soldiers in modern wars surv[...]

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Supreme Court’s conservative majority approves torture executions

Image: Artist’s depiction of Supreme Court-approved execution The Supreme Court’s conservative majority, in a 5-4 decision, ruled today that states can continue executing condemned criminals with the drug Midazolam despite a string of botched executions in several states. A reporter who [...]