Beginning of the end of the system … a century ago

One hundred and one years since Europe Exploded into its 20th century wars

Franz Ferdinand

Looking back a century, we seem to be waiting for a single critical event  that will denote a change in the global system to begin  the woes of the century.

Prior to World War I, the world had a system.  That system was the legacy of Europe’s colonial period.  All empires other than the British and, perhaps the nascent American state, lived under a British umbrella.  That umbrella controlled the flow of trade between the manufacturing monopoly of the British state and worldwide colonies that provided raw materials and labor that was often little above the level of slavery.  The great natural resources  monopolies had only begun to appear in the US where Rockefeller had created his monopoly for oil.  Great ancient civilizations … China, Japan, India, and the Caliphate lived in one degree another within England ‘s system.  Only the United States, with its continental economy, represented a real alternative.

Whatever the importance of the assassination in Serbia,  the instability of that system  was already apparent.  Today’s world looks much the same with the United States playing the role once played by Britain.  One wonders if we are waiting  for our own century changing assassination ?


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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    The catalyst for the next global upheaval is more likely to be a currency war than an assassination.

  2. theaveeditor #

    I do not think so. The biggest danger is Chinese imperialism. Vietnam has ubamairines ready to sink Chinese ships. Phllipines is rightly angre. Anf then ther eis North Korea and Burma.

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