The Nation: Can Kshama Sawant Rebuild Seattle as a”Socialist City?”

Ciry Council 4

Given that Sawant is far to the left of most socialists outside of Cuba, North Korea, or the Communists that function in some states of India, this is an odd question. What does The Nation mean … would a”socialist” Seattle expel Amazon, Costco, Expedia, and Microsoft? I suppose it might mean a take over of the coffee shops and internet?

The magic of the web:

“This article appeared in the July 6-13, 2015 edition of The Nation.”

Anyhow, The Nation has made a valiant effort to figure out what Sawant actually mean by Socialism.  The article says she is a “Trotskyist ” and wants to solve the problems of global warming, protect LGBT folks, house the poor (I think this means creating housing projects), and redress the imbalances between unions (aka workers) and corporations.

Rather than quote the long form or attempt to abstract the rather scattered effort by Sarah Jaffe,  I recommend that anyone trying to figure City Council woman Sawant out,  read the piece.


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