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The Nation: Can Kshama Sawant Rebuild Seattle as a”Socialist City?”

The magic of the web: “This article appeared in the July 6-13, 2015 edition of The Nation.” Anyhow, The Nation has made a valiant effort to figure out what Sawant actually mean by Socialism.  The article says she is a “Trotskyist ” and wants to solve the problems of global [...]

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Gay marriage foes can’t count on Justice Kennedy’s vote

The Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling could be announced tomorrow. Kennedy is one of the court’s 5 conservatives, but as this Seattle Times article explains, he has a lifelong history of supporting gay rights, and almost certainly will vote with the court’s 4 liberals on this i[...]

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Clarence Thomas was deciding vote against Confederate license plates

Clarence Thomas is one of the Supreme Court’s most conservative justices, but he’s also a black who grew up in the South’s bitter racial culture, so it’s hardly shocking that he voted for his own people in last week’s 5-4 ruling upholding Texas’ refusal to issue C[...]

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The dishonesty of corporate hucksters

Plenty of people have gotten rich by selling unhealthy products. For years, tobacco companies denied smoking caused lung cancer, despite overwhelming medical and scientific evidence, and fought tooth-and-claw against government efforts to educate the public about the health risks of smoking. Remembe[...]

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Don’t call him “boy”


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What must a “boy” do to earn the right to be called a “man”?

“Bill Saunders can still hear the officer’s words in his head: ‘You don’t belong here.’ That was decades ago. But last week, news that a gunman spewing racist hatred attacked a church in his community took him right back to that day, when he had returned from fighting [...]

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Anthony .. a great father

Ant, Though our kids are grown and moved away, Barb and I want to honor you on this great day for you and your kids!   Be Good eyyeh tov[...]

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Father’s Day


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A New Flag for the Confederates!

  THE SOUTH NEEDS SOMETHING BETTER! If the South needs some commemorative,  then why not create a new flag? We could all raise money for a design contest for something that commemorates the good things about the South .. Jefferson, religious tolerance , MLK, the self made men and women, the c[...]

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Book Review: Rightwing myths about the Constitution

Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Rightwing Myths About Our Constitution by Garrett Epps, professor of law, University of Baltimore “The primary purpose of the United States Constitution is to limit Congress. There is no separation of church and state. The Second Amendment allows citizens to threaten t[...]