The ONLY appropriate use of the Confederate flag.

what to do with the stars and bars v1

In Germany the swastika is banned. It can not be shown.  We, however, have free speech.  I support free speech. 

This picture shows the ONLY appropriate use of our swastika. 

In that spirit, may I point out the defenders of this damned thing are correct, the twisted cross flag was not in common use until after Lee died.  The slaves lived under several flags .. including the Union flag!

BUT the defenders are wrong.  The  stars and bars was never some affectionate symbol.  Lee himself rejected any symbol glorifying the confederacy as a form of treason.

The twisted cross was a symbol of Jim Crow, of lynchings and white sheets.

Use free speech. Burn the thing!


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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    You’ve got a point. Lighting matches is a form of free speech. They’re entitled to fly it, and we’re entitled to burn it.

  2. michelle henningsgard #
    2 photo I took of the flag burning at a march in Seattle yesterday. Check it out and share it

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