NAZI IN SEATTLE: Discuss on Facebook

@@11   Devon Dsquared Deloney Since that guy was openly wearing a symbol of hate on his arm which is basically like a f*** you to everyone around him. If I was there I would have called him a bitch to his face and ripped it off his arm and the moment he tried to react I would have broke his arm…

  •  Holly Figueroa O’Reilly Hey, welcome to liberal Seattle! Er…
  • Cassidy Summer I don’t want to be a lone, small voice here, but as offensive as this d**knead is, he is exercising his tight to free speech, one we still have (on paper, anyway). Taking away his right to be an asshole in public is actually what his kind would lSee More
  •  Alease Aubrey Frieson WE cannot accept this anymore. It breeds aggression. 

    Hmm… Why is this aloud to go on in our communities? Why hasn’t it changed?
  •  Bev Barr Is this photo current. I’m hearing from sources that this was taken in 2009?

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