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The Story of Donezal: A perspective from someone with reason to understand.

  FACEBOOK: Fabulous Lixa  · This one is powerful and resonates for me, my sister is a transracial adoptee, never in my life have I called myself black or African American, because I *know* I am not. My experience with racism and privilege as a white girl with a black sibling is different than y[...]

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The Shame of South Carolina


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Kennewick Man is Native American

A team of Danish scientists reported in the journal Nature today that a year-long genome-sequencing effort has established that 9,400-year-old Kennewick Man, a set of bones found on the banks of the Columbia River, is closely related to modern-day members of the Colville tribe. The lab, which speci[...]

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Republicans spin church killings to peddle anti-gay bigotry

“You talk about the importance of prayer in this time and we’re now seeing assaults on our religious liberty we’ve never seen before. It’s a time for deeper reflection beyond this horrible situation.” — Rick Santorum Baloney. This was a white racist killing black churchgoers [...]

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Fox News claims mass shooting at black church was motivated by religion, not racial hatred

“The ultra-pale geniuses at Fox News would like you to know that the mass shooting at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina is really an attack on faith.” Their solution? Pastors should carry guns. — From Daily Kos (click here for video) Photo: Suspect Dylann Roo[...]

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America has no apartments for rent

CNBC reported this morning that America’s apartment vacancy rate is at an all-time low. “Apartment demand, which some investors thought would abate as the housing market recovered, is doing just the opposite. … Millennials, finally finding jobs and moving out of group or family hom[...]

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Girl Scouts lobbying for animal welfare get racial taunts

Cecil County, Maryland, contracts its animal services to a private company calling itself A Buddy For Life. On April 29, a group of Girl Scouts from Chesapeake Bay Troop 179 showed up at a city commission meeting to express their concerns about conditions at the county animal shelter reported by a l[...]

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California’s entitled water hogs

“Drought or no drought, Steve Yuhas resents the idea that it is somehow shameful to be a water hog. If you can pay for it, he argues, you should get your water. People ‘should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their garden[...]

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FSU’s sellout to Kochs

Florida State University took millions from the Koch brothers, who in return, get to veto faculty appointments. The university administration, of course, tried to keep that quid pro quo secret. Read the story here. This school has been sanctioned for academic fraud involving athletes, and Florida&#[...]

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Will South Carolina fly its Confederate flag at half-staff?

“On Wednesday night, nine people were murdered by a white man in a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. A hate crime. And someone has raised a good question: Will South Carolina honor the victims by flying its Confederate flag at half-staff?” — Barbara [...]