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Guns, Repugnant Guns

Open Carry Texas activists strapped with guns say cops treat them like ‘terrorists’ by asking for ID “I got my gun behind me and you guys are coming over here with your hands on your rifles like I’m a threat,” Grisham exclaims. When police attempt to speak with Grisham, he announces, “I [...]

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Some people shouldn’t be cops.

“Neptune Township police Sgt. Phil Seidle had his 7-year-old daughter in the front seat of his vehicle while he chased after a car driven by his ex-wife, Tamara … moments after the chase ended, he got out and fired his .40-caliber Glock service weapon several times into her vehicle R[...]

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The billionaire ticket

“After his splashy announcement Tuesday that he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, billionaire businessman Donald Trump made another bold declaration: Oprah Winfrey would be a ‘great’ running mate. ‘I think Oprah would be great. I’d love to have[...]

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Are you Black?

We are just going to act like some Black people were not acting like Bill Clinton was Black because he played a mean saxophone, smoked weed, and cheated on his wife.  Ignoring the fact that his politics were extremely White. On the other hand, some Black people were calling Tiger Woods white becaus[...]

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Mall cop fired for sexual harassment murders accuser

A 22-year-old Iowa man fired from his mall security job after half a dozen sexual harassment complaints against him by a mall employee went home to fetch a gun, returned to the mall, and shot the 20-year-old woman dead. The man’s Facebook page was filled with pro-gun and rightwing rants. (Sour[...]

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I am Filipino

In some respects I feel like I am Filipino.  I know I would have been treated differently by some Filipinos if I could actually say I had Filipino blood in me.  I still have to show Filipinos pictures of my family for them to believe that I am a Cordova, or that I know anything […][...]

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THE OTHER SIDE: An Israeli Takes The Palestinian Side


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Apple vs Pebble: Disclaimer (I own a Pebble)

gg Pebble  $170 ……………….Apple  $350 ???? I bought my first Pebble over a year ago as part of the Kickstarter program. Now Apple is in the game and I just got my second generation Pebble .. so which s a better buy? Apple  .. bright screen short battery life. (~ 1[...]

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While Sawant is Taking on Shell, Boeing, and the Democrats, Her District Is in Trouble

Heather Staples (Quinn’s Bar and Grill) said that some stakeholders were considering an appeal to the Seattle City Council, although she says she’s not sure to whom exactly. “People don’t hear us in City Hall,” she says. from Crosscut:  In the upstairs of Quinn’s pub on the corner o[...]

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Rachel Dolezal on Today Show

“racially you’re human, culturally you are Black.” Rachel’s son.[...]