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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?

A. The brightest kid in the world B. Obama’s cousin from Nairobi C. Mike Brown’s younger brother D. First African American kid to win a Westinghouse award E. Son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.[...]

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WA Republican Anti-Taxers Have Lost the Editorial Boards on Capital Gains

Goldy Gives Kudoes to Seattle Times by Goldy — Monday, 6/15/15, 12:53 pm Our state’s editorial boards love to complain about the budget impasse in Olympia, but for many years they have played a key role in the obstruction, consistently opposing any substantive new tax—especially on income—as[...]

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Comparing the Swastika and the StarsnBars


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“The Hot Stove:” Why Pelosi and House Democrats turned on their president over free trade

Harley Shaiken, University of California, Berkeley Over the last several days, President Barack Obama pulled out all the stops to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) – aka fast track – which would restrict Congress to an up-or-down vote without amendments on trade deals for the next three years[...]

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Kashama Sawant and her “Socialist Alternative” in Seattle appeal to supporters by proclaiming support for the BDS boycott Israel monument. Sawant ough to read what her movement stands for: WAR and ethnic cleansing. As’ad AbuKhalil, a leading BDS activist, states : “The real aim of BD[...]

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Jeb Who?

  Hey, what’s the big deal, companies frequently revamp their brand names (especially after getting caught peddling toxic products).[...]

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The Price of Becoming a FOH

It’ll cost you at least $2,700 to talk to Hillary Clinton in Seattle later this month Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will bring her presidential campaign to Seattle on Saturday, June 20, in a private venue with prices starting at $2,700 and… BLOG.SEATTLEPI.COM[...]

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For reasons that make no sense, the UW’s public face is the football team.

WHY THE UW SHOULD START A NEWS SITE: For reasons that make no sense, the UW’s public face is the football team. We have a media operation that is pitiful. Opinions that could help determine the public’s decisions on issues ranging from the architectural blight of the new Seattle to effec[...]

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Jeb Announces!